Contract Syntheses of PIPA (Py-Im-Polyamide)


ピプルス・ファーマ社は、バイオチップを除く、これまでの研究成果を臨床に用いるためにGMP製造の役割を担い、ペプチド誘導体、ぺプチドコンジュゲート、従来にない新規な作用機序に基づく遺伝子制御薬 PIPA等の工業的製造を中心とした治療用原薬の製造を行います。また、当社は、お客様の多様なニーズや状況の変化に順応するため、開発営業ならびに品質保証体制を充実させ、設備投資を積極的に行い生産能力を増強してまいります。


Corporate Philosophy

Based on scientific research results in the last decade a new company, PIPLS Pharma Inc., was founded on Aug 1, 2016. Fortunately the new company receives investments with the “exit” in the business model.

  This company focusing on GMP production of high quality peptide derivatives especially peptide conjugates and PIPA (peptides consisting of pyrrole and imidazole as major building unites) for clinical applications as a novel drugs with novel action mechanisms such as gene controls. Hence, HiPep laboratories is a research company and further realizing practical applications of novel Biochip system, PepTenChipR. PIPA can bind to specific nucleotide sequences in the minor groove of double-helical DNA with high affinity and specificity, suggesting that PIPA blocks binding of transcription factors inhibiting gene expression, thus PIPA can be applied to gene-therapy.

  Additionally, PIPA can be also used for double strand DNA-visualization for diagnostics. Advantages of PIPA are: stabilities (nuclease resistant); entering into cell nucleus without any DDS-technologies; siRNA causes knockdown of genes, thus side effects envisaged; PNA is toxic. Until now no-toxicities of PIPA have been found in animal experiments.

  PIPA is difficult to prepare and industrial production has not yet been reported in world wide.
The production focusing on drugs has been successfully established by Dr. Nokihara supported by two national grants (2013-2014 JST and 2014-2015 NEDO) based on his expertise in peptide science.
Large Scale Syntheses System for PIPA, PIPLS System, has been constructed.
Industrial scale GMP-products are indispensable for FDA-approval also indispensable for clinical trial. In addition to PIPA, GMP grade angiogenic peptides (AGP) will be produced for regenerative medicine.
Since PIPLS Pharma has patent enforcement for AGP. Initial investment is planned 1.5 million USD by Bio-division of Alpha Holdings and forth coming 5 years ca 20 Million USD are prepared.

  PIPLS Pharma will not carrying out the drug discovery but production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Thus, relatively short term, 5-6 years of IPO can be expected.
Now we are looking for appropriate location of plant for GMP facility.

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